identity, graphic design

An identity for an async-remote software development company based (mostly) in Poland. They develop, educate, run events, they are nerds in the most positive way. Arkency trusted me with designing their visual identity being already an established and well respected company. The thing is, they had an identity already, the only missing element was the visual part of it. This one required a lot of research and understanding of the company’s business needs to come up with something that worked.

Previously Arkency had a pretty expressive red logo sign, which I didn’t want to change much as it became a trademark already. So a strong red base colour and an A-letter sign were established as key elements from the start.

I came up with what I call the Architect concept, which had two completely different visual implementations.
The first brings together an absolutely beautiful Pragmata font, made primarily for code and a basic square form. The other built with custom typography at its core, inheriting form and boldness from an old logo.
After some discussions the team picked the first option.