Viktoriia Vitrenko

art direction, identity, web design
2022 ︎︎︎

Viktoria is an amazing Ukrainian musical artist.
She’s a soprano, a conductor and an artistic director who needed a digital home for her work of the past 12 years, which would also feel like her.

She’s a highly disciplined rebel with an astonishing voice and a healthy ambition. And in her own words, together we’ve been able to showcase her body of work along with her personality. She mentioned multiple times after the project was done how it’s became a helpful asset in her professional advancement.

Viktoriia is a performer, so she needed people to see her, feel what she’s like, and hear her voice before getting familiar with the vast archive of her work and events list. That’s how an idea came to shoot a video and to record a welcome message for the website’s intro page.